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Mobile Phones. Rumour: More Details Emerge on Two Nexus Smartphones by LG and Huawei No Nexus Tablet for 2015.Google seems to have something interesting planned for its 2015 Nexus devices. The rumours are rife in linking the next Google Nexus smartphone to be based on the latest HTC 10.At the moment, the system is known as Android N and its focus is to return the phones control to the users. Rumor roundup: HTC readying next Nexus. Google said to be using fishy codenames again. The battery in the Huawei is said to be a more comfortable 3,500mAh so that could finally see all day use for a Nexus phone.As usual were hungry for Nexus rumours and were keen to see what Google and whichever hardware partner they end up going with (or both) in October. Nexus Rumours.Christian Diestel: Thinking of Pixel C and Pixel Phones Im afraid Nexus is dead . Di Zhao: Christian Diestel at least provide some tablet this year plz google. Rumours indicate that Google could be developing a smartphone set to its design and software standards outside of the Nexus seen whether the news might alienate any of the partners in question not that theres truly another ship to jump to with the slow demise of Windows Phone. LGs Nexus device said to be codenamed LG Angler and Huaweis Bullhead. Google is getting ready to take the wraps off its newest flagship phones, featuring new hardware, a different take on software and — potentially — an entirely new name. While past Google phones have carried the Nexus label Google Nexus has been trying their best in every aspect to compete against Apple and Samsung in the mobile phone war.

We give this rumor a confidence level of 8 out of 10. While we are very confident in the reliability of our source in this case, we are uncertain of the age and finality of particular details Google Nexus Phones for 2012: In the past 3 years, Google launched 3 flagship devices in collaboration with HTC and Samsung.Lets just hope the above rumor of 5 new nexus phones turns out to be true. Google Nexus Phone 2016 rumor: Pixel and Pixel XL photos show up on the internet. Nexus fans cherished this specific leak as it finally shows the alleged Pixel and Pixel XL in details. Car 2017 - Google Nexus Phone Rumors, Google rumored to buy htcs phone arm, and it makes total, Google is apparently "in the final stage of negotiations" to acquire htcs smartphone division, according to chinese-language site the commercial times The details on Googles next Nexus smartphone may have been revealed, and tipsters are saying the phone is an "absolute beast."Like most Android-powered phones, the Nexus 4G appears to make a big push on the newest, muscular hardware features to compete with Apples iPhone, which gets Google (HTC) Nexus 2016 Rumors and Leaks. Two Nexus phones have been launched in 2015 Q4. Earlier rumors were suggesting that Google would be launching at least two more Google Nexus 7 phones along with a new Nexus 7 tablet. Whenever Android upgrades to a new version, the next thing to come is a new version of the Google Nexus phone.The rumors specs will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, specifically 64-bits and the same 6-core Snapdragon 808 that is in the LG G4. Its coming to that time of the year when the rumour mills start spinning for this years Nexus phone lineup.It looks like Google is now following suit after Samsung in bringing in an all-metal body design. Google Nexus 2016 is nearing to its release date.

Lets talk about all the possible leaks, rumors, concepts and specification details. In this video we will Available in midnight blue or cloud white for 649 unlocked, the phone comes equipped with 32 or 64GB of internal storage. The Nexus 9 tablet, designed in collaboration with HTC, is GooglesDespite not being a true Mac rumor, Im grateful for the occasional tidbit on Apples direct competitors. Google Nexus phones Chromecast 2nd gen Chromecast Audio Chromecast Fast Play Chromecast new features Second gen Chromecast.Rumours of the next Nexus smartphone are picking up speed, just as Google I/O comes closer. Previous rumors have suggested that Google will be partnering with HTC in building the upcoming Nexus 2016 smartphones. Fresh speculations reveal that the Taiwanese company has signed up a three-year deal with Google. Packed with new features including Nexus Camera, Nexus Imprint, the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and more, Nexus is a direct line to Googles latest in mobile technology.Select at least two Nexus phones to compare. Will Google make its own Nexus phones in the future?Pichai did not explain what new Nexus devices are currently in the making, but many rumors said that HTC will build two distinct smartphones this year. Google Nexus 6 Phone Specs: Manufacturer: Motorola Screen: 5.2 inches Resolution: 14402560 (564ppi) ProcessorOther Rumours: There wont be a Nexus X at all (or a Nexus 6). While this rumour is based on truth, Google has since announced that it wont be discontinuing the device. Two new Google phones, codenamed Marlin and Sailfish, are likely to be released in the last quarter of 2016 and, if the rumours are true, theyll be the first Google-produced smartphones not to wear the Nexus branding. Rumors concerning Google Nexus 2016 suggest that HTC will be the manufacturer of 2016 Nexus smartphones. Early assumptions already indicate that the imminent HTC Nexus phone could become one of the best Nexus smartphones ever. For the most part But rumor has it that the lineup could look more like Motorola, Asus, and Asus soon.Motorola Nexus phone? Googles also due to release a new Nexus smartphone this year. HTCs VR and fitness products have been in the press quite a bit over the past few weeks, but now a new rumor has come to light that claims that we may see twoBased on the devices that HTC has released recently, do you think the company is worthy of building Googles 2016 Nexus phones? Google already makes its own phones. Its called Nexus. So what would taking the manufacturer partnership out of the equation actually help?At least once a year or so we get rumors about Google "building its own smartphone." From Twitpic: Googles rumored new phone?Google risks little to nothing by releasing its own branded phone carriers wont walk away just because of the Nexus One, assuming its real and thats the name. Google will ditch the Nexus name and go with something different. Marques Brownlee/YouTube.Rumors suggest Google would announce the new Pixel smartphones on October 4 and release them on October 20. We have known for some time that Google were planning their very own handset, the Google Nexus One, but we only learned its name and some of the specifications a couple of weeks ago. In those two short weeks much has been covered, such as its possible released date Update: The new Nexus might not run Android at all, but a Chrome/Android hybrid called Andromeda. And despite Google seemingly ditching the Nexus name for phones the company might keep it for this slate.

Supposedly, along-side the HTC Nexus devices already rumored, Google is creating a new Google phone that will not be a Nexus device. Unnamed industry sources claim that Google "is in discussions with mobile operators about releasing a Google Nexus Mobile Phones shared Cool and Funny Picturess photo. 1 November 2016 . Haha. Google Nexus Mobile Phones. 16 August 2015 . Whats your thoughts of the rumours, that Huawei will build the next Nexus? Despite previous rumors, its looking less likely that 2016 will be the year that Google goes solo on the design and development of its next Nexus devices. A Google-built Nexus phone could enable Google to capture more of the market for high-end smartphones Googles Nexus Phone 2017 programme stretches birth to the pure Android smartphone respectively year.We examine rumours nearby the new Nexus, counting the Nexus 2017 release date, price, new feature and stipulations. Google is said to be unveiling a new Nexus smartphone within the next 30 days, according to an internet rumour. The Android and Me website rounds up some of the speculation, citing trustworthy sources, however, they remain anonymous. Rumours are flying that Google is planning its own handset, the Nexus One. We separate fact from the fiction. More developments/rumours in and about the Nexus Prime/Ice Cream Sandwich phone story, both of which originate from social media messages a post on a Google Facebook fan page (read: not official) and a pair of tweets from Samsung Mobile Romanias twitter account. We got tipped that Googles Nexus 5 handset wont be matching the latest speculation for an LG "Megalodon" handset, which wereBest Android phones in 2018. Behold the Galaxy S9 and S9 in their rumored four color versions. Featured stories. Samsungs cases for the Galaxy S9/S9 leak. The rumored Google Nexus tablet is something I should be getting stoked about.With Nexus phones, Google cuts away the bloat, and you get a pure Google experience. Google Nexus websiteOne of Googles latest Nexus smartphones, the Huawei Nexus 6P. According to rumors, Huawei and HTC will be the makers of the upcoming Nexus lineups, with HTCAccording to The Verge, there are already supposed leaks detailing the next Nexus phones made by HTC. Rumors are gathering that Google is working hard on its 2015 Nexus plans, and the exciting news is, Google may bring two models out this year. Nexus phones by both LG and Huawei may arrive as early as the fall of 2015. Heres what we know about the next Google Nexus phones. 5.5-inch HTC Nexus phone codenamed Marlin has its specs leaked. Huawei Doing the Nexus again this year. HTC rumored to make two Nexus handsets in 2016. Nexus 6 сделают на основе HTC One (M8). Google to offer own version of HTC One smartphone. With the Apple iPhone 5s launch behind us, the rumor mill is now focused on the next big thing in the mobile industry - Googles next Nexus phone. The latest rumor suggests that HTC will be building a 5-inch Nexus device to succeed the 4.65-inch Samsung Galaxy Nexus. A recent rumor revealed that Huawei could very well be the company that builds Googles next Nexus phone, but now according to a new rumor, Google is also said to be working on another Nexus phone, this time with LG. The following is a comparative list of smartphones belonging to the Google Nexus line of devices, using the Android operating system. Key: Comparison of Google Pixel smartphones. Comparison of Google Nexus tablets. Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. Comparison of smartphones. Leaks about the next-generation Nexus phones have been coming out ever since Google was first reported to be working with LG and Huawei for the new Nexus handsets. While we have heard almost everything, from the launch date to specs, about the rumoured Nexus devices Google is not expected to release a new Google Nexus tablet this year, but the company is expected to release two new phones. The tech giant has still not confirmed any of these rumors, but it seems that various tech publications are confident they will happen. Google may be onto something this year. Recent rumors suggest there will be a couple Nexus phones launched this year. One of them would be manufactured by LG and reportedly resemble the phone makers Nexus 5. In fact, some believe the new phone could be a direct successor



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