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Следующее. How to repair Almost ANY DVD-CD-BD drive.How to Fix CD or DVD Player No Disc Error - wont play cd - Продолжительность: 7:58 Recycled Electronics 45 508 просмотров.Samsung Laptop DVD-RW Repair - Продолжительность: 8:25 CRM 27 153 просмотра. Which are the best solutions to resolve dvd cd rom drive wont read disk?3) In the new windows, choose "Repair my laptop or computer to an earlier time" choice and then click on Next.Disturbed by do it yourself disc error on a chrysler radio? Check The Manual to Remove. The drive itself is probably shot. I would look to getting a new one if it will not read any type of media. In reply to: CD-RW Drive wont ready Any Type of Disc. After installing Windows Xp (SP2) my driver will not read any CDs anymore either.This is the first description Ive come across in an hour that matches what is happening to my CD/DVD drive on a yr old laptop. Now, uncheck the box that says Copy defend Musicwhen it is currently checked and preserve all the present adjustments. Switch to native account: If other methods falters, then basically change to natural bank account andreturn to Microsoft account. It may well sometimes resolve my cd dvd drive wont A DVD or CD drive that wont open doesnt necessarily mean a lost disc or dead drive.Maybe the laptops power died, maybe the drive in your desktop just quit responding, or maybe the door was just stuck or the disc came loose from a try just enough to jam things up. Experts Exchange > Questions > Optical Drive Wont Read DVD Data Disks.I have a new HP HDX laptop with a multi-function optical drive that is capable of reading dvd, cd and blu-ray (and its capable of writing all but blu-ray). I have a MATshtA UDJA710 laptop CD/DVD combo drive that is on a VAIO laptop from 2001. Recently, This drive will not read any type of cds.

The only cd this drive can read is my vice city play disk. I had downloaded windows 10 earlier this year, but another update to windows 10 a day or two ago (I am not sure which update, but I know that it added Cortana), has caused my DVD/ CD drive to stop reading my disks. CD/DVD drive stopped reading all CDs and DVDs | Ask LaptopDisc drive wont open - Laptops - Laptop Tech Support - Toms Guide.Location: Seattle, Washington, United States. Windows wont detect my hard drive? or what? Laptop wont recognize cd/dvd drive Forum. Asus Software wont Recognize Asus Laptop Forum.Solveddell inspiron 15 3000 series disk drive wont read disks windows 10 solution. My laptop wont read any discs it says hard drive cannot be located Forum. When I go into the BIOS it reads everything but the Hard Disk Drive. I have tried a spare HDD I had laying around and formatted it to prepare for fresh installation, but when it asks: Where do I want to install Windows there is no HDD to install it to.

my cd drive meets sys requirements and its still reading all my other disks (games and cds) so why wont it read my UT disks?!?! any help would be appricated.I have the same problem with the 2 disc DVD install my Windows Xp system wont read the DVDs but my Win2K laptop reads them fine 5,660 Answers. Re: cd drive wont read discs. Your laptop has System Recovery built-in. Its saved on the harddrive.1,187 Answers. Re: cd drive wont read discs. Yes there is. Do these in any order: 1: The CD laser lens needs cleaning. My computer wont read any of my discs on my cd/dvd rw drive, ive tried using a USB portable cd/dvd rw drive and it gives me the same problem (its a different make and model to my origional). It wont load cds when i first input them and When i got it the dvd cd drive worked. Now all of a sudden it doesnt can anyone help me???Any advice would be helpful. When I put a dvd or cd in it says no disk in drive. thanks, flojo. 4,477 posts, read 5,653,424 times. Reputation: 5116. Advertisements. Computer novice here. My DVD player is not working. When I insert a disc it sounds like its going toIve been doing some research online. A few sites say to uninstall the drive from the device manager page and then re-start the laptop. CD/DVD- RW optical drive . All laptop CD/DVD drives are shaped the same but they all have different face plates also know as front bezels.I dont really understand much about computers, but my computers (windows 7) disc drive wont read anything! A DVD drive in Windows is usually set to auto start whenever a disc put the drive also more flexible alternative. This feature called AutoPlay and has been included with almost all how cd/dvd dead toshiba laptop? forum laptop recognize driveOptiarc DVD RW AD 7580s ATA Device My DVD drive wont. The CD-RW drive does not show up on My Computer, and Autoplay doesnt work. Im using Vista on my laptop right now. User Info: DShadows.My iMac wont read discs? Answered. Why does the game keep telling me no disc in drive? I just got this compaq laptop a few months ago. It was reading all disks just fine when i got it.I have a similar problem, Im running on Windows 7 and when I insert a disc, it appears drive boot problem - 12 replies. My lil HP notebook laptop wont turn on at all even trying the tips Iv read and everything recently the BIO screen came on and I accidently shut the screen and after that Nothing!!my cd drive wont eject discs unless you smack the bottom of the computer. does any one know an email adress to contact Im wondering, is this a same problem with me. my computer wont even start with a dvd drive. When I insert a disc, It makes whining soundsdirt. problem is that these type of drives are not so popular in laptops other than macs. it doesnt pick up a cd is It is normal for the drive to refuse to read or burn my cd/dvd rom drive was working fine. there was no problem with it before. just recently, i uninstalled a program from my computer and i was trying to re-install it. when i insterted the cd into the cd rom drive, it started making weird sounds, like it was reading the disc, then just suddenly stopped Maybe the disc is stuck. Maybe the door is stuck. Try these things first to see if you can fix it. The laptop has a dvd/rw drive installed in it. After installing windows 7 now the drive wont read dvd discs. It will read audio and data discs, but will not read a dvd disc.Dvd Drive Wont Format Blank Discs. Cd/dvd Drive Reads, But Does Not Read Cd. CD/DVD drive wont work? up vote 0 down vote favorite.HP dv9000 Vista laptop wont boot from CD/DVD drive. 1. DVD Drive Has Stopped Recognizing Discs. -1. Recommend a good DVD or BD replacement drive that can read older CD-R/DVDR media? A CD drive will not read a DVD. "Channeling the spirit of jboy" Report . Start a discussion. Related Solutions. Windows XP BLACK SCREEN after installing driver. Internal CD/DVD-drive does not read my DVDs. My Laptop CD Drive is playing up. Sometimes it reads discs sometimes it doesnt.Cleaning the lens again doesnt help and it just wont read a disc.

There is a replacement drive on ebay for my laptop but its expensive and it looks like a pain to change. Computer type Laptop System Manufacturer/Model Number Dell Vostro 2520 OS Windows 10 Tech Preview CPU Intel i5 (3rd Gen) Motherboard IntelGeneral Discussion. dvd drive wont read specific disk, will read on other vista computer hey, my computer generally reads disks, music cds, dvds In the given article, we shall look at multiple solutions to solve the issue of CD-Drive not working.Recover deleted files from PC/Laptop/Server and other storage media easily and quickly.Computer wont Sleep. I have a Sony Vaio laptop and the CD/DVD drive refuses to recognise CDs with data on them. Mind you - if its an audio CD or a DVD everything works perfectly but the minute i put a CDI know that my optical drives often have problems reading CD-RW discs, but have no problem at all with CD-R. 4.Because of adware or virus which destroy the program. 5.Improperly turn off our laptop or due to breakdown of electric leads to my cd rom"I could have saved myself a lot of time if I had installed it before! My graphics work perfect now and I can play games again after using Driver Updater! " by OH Smeg 10 years ago In reply to CD Drive wont read specif But as its a fairly generic type question this is more to do with the Blank Discs that are used to record than the actual DriveRelated Forums. Desktop 24,991 discussions. Laptops 2,515 discussions. Hardware 18,855 discussions. I need to back up files on this laptop, read DVDs and just do my work in general.Actually there has not been drivers needed for cddvd drives since XP came out because the drivers are included in the OS now. I have a Sony Vaio laptop that has a blu-ray drive in it (Optiarc BD ROM BC-5500S4) which will not read any discs.I can see the icon for the drive in the my computer window, but never a cd or dvd. If I click on the icon for the drive, it pops up a window that saysSimilar Threads - drive wont read. "Fix problems with CD or DVD drives that cant read or write media"which is used to "Diagnose and repair CD or DVD drive issues, when you cannot burn or play CD or DVD discs, when aI need my cd/dvd drive to work badly and these programs wont even work at all.Is this a laptop or a desktop? My laptop (Asus M51V running Vista) has recently decided it doesnt want to read discs of any kind: CD, DVD, blank, or games. The drive is a TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633A and nothing I have found whilst searching for a solution has worked: uninstalling driver and rebooting Today I put a cd rom in the drive and it would not read it I tried it in the cd writer and it read OK are cd drives likely to stop working and is there any way of checking them without taking theLaptops reviews.Try a cleaning disc in the drive one of those you get at a Pound Shop. My laptop wont read my usb external drive? Why the procesors Intel QuadCore Q6600 is so much CD Drive Wont Play or Read CDs? Problem with analog power saving mode? Wacom tablet pen wont work? I just got a Toshiba Sat. A300. How to fix a disk drive that wont read discs. maddie holly Oct 26, If it cant read the disk at allCD/DVD Cant Read Or Write In Windows 7/8 How to Replace Laptop DVD Drive With A BluRay New 05 Sep 2015 1. CD/DVD Drive not reading discs. Hello! Since upgrading to Windows 10 my PC has been unable to read any CD/DVD disc I put in. Make sure the discs you are trying to read with your CD drive are free of scratches and dirt. Any kind of obstruction on the data side of the disc will prevent the CD drives laser lens from being able to access the files contained on it.starhalf How to Clean a Laptop CD Lens. Computer wont read disc windows 7. Cd rom wont read cd. New cd is not opening in windows7. CD-ROM/DVD Drive wont work [Solved] (Solved).brilliant tried it on my laptop same problem windows7 worked straight away. should read dvd drive wont read discs. hey all ive just inserted a blank disc as i was using brasero and found that it wasnt finding the blank dvd, i then tried to open a data disc but even nautilus wasnt opening the drive with unable to mount location. would like to be able to run cd/dvds any help DVD drive wont read disks - gives error please insert disk location: - date: April 2, 2010 I recently upgraded to Windows 7. The driveI have now noticed that whatever disc I put in the Dvd/Cd drive, it does not recognize it. The laptop is only a couple of months old and the drive was New PC Games. Laptops. Smartphones.I experienced this today on a Toshiba DVD-reader/CD-(re)writer. It can still read/play DVDs but does not recognize anymore CDs.DVD drive wont read discs - no dvd drive reads disks in my PC. I have windows xp service pack 3 and my cd rom reads every disc but this one and it wont boot directly from the cdrom drive.DVD model Slimtype dvd A DS8A4SH. My Gateway laptop no longer displays that I have a CD/DVD drive. Related Resources. solved CD/DVD drive not reading any discs.For years it just laid in a corned inside a box, in a good condition. Today I got my IDE-SATA 2 USB2 adapter and connected it to my laptop. Does it mean that the DVD/CD-RW drive doesnt work anymore, but it does burn/add files to theNow IT wont read blank discs corrupts others and whatever problem youIt tells me optical drives do not last forever, I have a pile of dead ones from all Makes of laptops and



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