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Sources have confirmed with Gadgets 360 that the price of the console will be reduced around Diwali. Wedbushs Michael Pachter instead expects platform holders will drop price on previous generation systems by at least 50."We do not expect price cuts for the Xbox One or PS4," Pachter said. By James Vincentjjvincent Sep 15, 2015, 5:15am EDT. Share. Tweet.The new price converts to around 292 or 258, making the PS4 significantly cheaper in its home country than in the US and Europe. written by levadmin January 16, 2015.I think Sony will learn from Microsofts success after their price drop. If thats the case, its safe to say that we should be expecting a Playstation 4 price drop, maybe around the time of a highly anticipated exclusive. The Planetside 2 PS4 port is also expected to take on Destiny, the latter of which nobody outside the industry has played yet. Sony was already winning, and now theyre rumored to be dropping the price of the core console to 349 by 2015. Lots of talk about a PS4 price drop in 2015 after playstations TGS conference in japan, but lets talk about why thats not a reasonable expectation here in Speaking to GamingBolt, Pachter stated that he believes Sony will counter the Xbox One X and Switch by dropping the PS4 and PS4 Pros price.They appeal to RPG fans, JRPG fans, and so on." God of War, Spider-Man and Days Gone are all expected to launch in the first half of 2018, while The Last of On September 18, 2015 Xbox head Phil Spencer interacted with IGN about the recent price drop of PlayStation 4 in Japan.Well do you expect a price drop of PS4 across Europe at Paris Game Show this October? The biggest bombshell (though an expected one) was that the Playstation 4 is going to be given a price drop.In fact, Play-asia already has a handful of PS4 HDD bay covers on sale, though not the ones that were recently announced at TGS 2015. Share. "If history tells". By Cassidee Moser. Speaking with IGN, Xbox head Phil Spencer spoke about the recent price cut on the PlayStation 4 in Japan, expressing his confidence in the likelihood of it soon happening in the west. "I fully expect they [PlayStation] will drop price. There might be a price drop for the PS4 in Europe as indicated by some retail catalogs that have been released recently.

You can pre-order the consoles at the new price from October 21st, 2015. Its expected Sony might be making an official announcement on this very soon as another NeoGAF user The PS4 with a 1TB HDD will remain at its standard pricing. Last month, Sony announced a PS4 price drop for those in Japan.Oct 20, 2015. Until Dawn is a sleeper-hit for PS4 with sales better than expected, sequel ideas discussed. This is the latest price drop for the PS4 across the regions. This started at TGS 2015, where Sony announced the PS4 would be getting a price drop in the region of Japan that will be going into effect on October 31st. This was followed with a price cut in North America and Canada. Starting Friday, the PS4 will be on sale at the new price, which will put Sonys console at the same price as the Xbox One in plenty of time for Christmas.

The price drop was expected, given that there was a similar cut in Japan in September. The ad has since been taken down from Targets website as the price drop isnt live just yet, but its clearly coming up very soon.— Wario64 (Wario64) October 4, 2015. With the PS4 priced at 350, it will go head-to-head with the Xbox One, which also costs 350, this holiday season. By Agustin Guerrero. 09.23.2015.I fully expect [Sony] will drop price.Technically, the PS4 has already received a price drop of sorts. When the system launched in 2013, a console and controller cost 399. Rumors of a price drop for the PS4 have been around for a while now, with the unexpected price drop of Sonys console in Japan teasing gamers that we could expect a price drop on the PS4 elsewhere in the world. I fully expect they [PlayStation] will drop price, Spencer told IGN.September 19, 2015 at 9:44 pm. Translation Dont buy PS4s because a price cut is coming Results For October our XBox One managed to outsell PS4 that saw a significant drop in its sales. The PS4 will drop in price to 349 on October 21, according to a retail brochure doing the rounds this weekend.Expect an official announcement at Paris Games Week — AGB (AllGamesBeta) October 18, 2015. Sometimes there are featured eBay sellers that drop the price on new ps4s to around 350 with no tax (depending on where you live.1886 and Bloodborne were pushed to Q1 2015 so heres whats expected, not counting possible surprises from GamesCom and TGS: http (Also see:Gravity Rush 2 Announced as PS4 Exclusive).Safe to say other regions will see a price drop closer to the holiday season. Due to stringent BIS regulations in India, dont expect the coloured controllers or the hard drive panels to make it here. October 12, 2015.The big question: Why would Sony drop the price now? If you look at the sales figures, a price cut doesnt seem necessary. The PS4 is breaking all kinds of records, and has sold more than twice as many units of either of its competitors. Naturally, these price drops are expected when any devices successor is announced, but if we go by these numbers, then deals on the PS3 160GB console could potentially hit as low as 144 (64 off full retail price). There will always be some that we completely didnt expect, but theres always even more that we can pretty accurately predict. So, lets do that. Heres what could happen next month at E3 2015. 1. PS4 price drop. VirtuaMe PS4 price drop after The Planetside 2 PS4 port is also expected to take onOct 08, 2015 Se video Sony confirms what we all expected - the PS4 is getting a price cut in both the US and Canada, with bundle prices also being reduced accordingly. This year seems to be flying by, and were literally weeks away from this years E3 2015.Some might say that the PS4 is lacking in the racing department, however, GT7 is expected to re-define the term jaw dropping within the racing genre. Kevin HeOctober 21, 2015.The PS4 will be recieving an official price cut in Australia and will now retail for at the RRP of 479.95. This is an 80 price cut off the original RRP. You can expect retailers to drop this price even further in the upcoming holiday period. In addition, the PS4 sold fewer units during the month than October of last year, and this was with a 50 price drop to begin the month.Millions of consumers are expected to make a big purchasing decision at that time. Itll probably go on sale or have a bundle at the end of the year. I wouldnt expect a regular price drop until 2018 though. User Info: grampamurked. When do you think the PS4 Pro will get a price drop? Right now I can buy 4 or 5 for under 325 and am debating on whether to buy or not.Permanent or a temp price drop? Thinking of getting a pro and huge hardrive to finish off this gen. PS4 price cut in Europe starting Oct.Expect an official announcement at Paris Games Week — AGB (AllGamesBeta) October 18, 2015. By Louise Blain 2015-10-21T10:01:57.293Z News. Comments.Retailers have been pricing around this point anyway so Id expect games to be bundled in with this price sooner rather than later.

This follows the US PS4 price cut from earlier this month that cut the price by 50. Speaking to IGN, Spencer said that he fully expects the PS4 to drop in price.Paris Games Week 2015 takes place between October 28 and November 1. As usual, well be updating our readers with all the news from the event so make sure to tune in. Is dropping the price of PS4 the only option Sony has left to counter Xbox One?They DO NOT want PS4 in the driving seat this generation. If Microsoft wants to take over the throne, 2015 gives it the best chance of doing so. What can we expect the PS5 Price to be? Should we start saving up now?This new console is coming out at a four hundred dollar price point. Why the sudden drop?Submitted by Nate on Tue, 10/20/2015 - 13:12. They will use cheap parts to keep prices low. The prospect of a 2015 PS4 price drop is higher than consumers might think.PS4 prices have remained steady since that time expect to buy PlayStation 4 for around the 350 mark in the foreseeable future. If youve been holding out for a PlayStation 4 price drop, you might be in luck.If a price cut is incoming, were sure to hear more about it at E3 2015. September 20, 2015 By Joe Letriz.I fully expect [PlayStation] will drop price. When I think about the playbook theyve used in the past, we feel good about the plans we have in place going forward in the holiday. PlayStation Vita 89 (a whopping 110 price drop).Many expected at least a 50 drop for the PS4 sometime this year.Disney Infinity 2.0 For PlayStation Vita Now Available. May 11, 2015 G 2. Solocast. Could the PS4 be far behind? As of February 2015, Sony has stated that NO price cut is planned for the PlayStation 4. If you want it, better get the 400 together.Its been over a year now since the console released and weve seen no price drops. Basic PlayStation VR bundles may drop to 379 PS VR Worlds bundles could fall to 399. 5 Quick Tips You Need to Know. The Xbox One X will be released on November 7. Expect list price, high demand, and low stock for Black Friday. by Sammy Barker. Tue 15th Sep 2015.Its perhaps no surprise to see the console reduced in the region, then, with todays pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference confirming that the devices asking price will drop from 39,980 to 34,980 starting 1st October. Didnt expect to hear this at a random time. Also I believe this is a permanent price drop, which will really be good at this time.This amazing dont have PS4 but ill be getting it ffor Christmas finally a PS4 price drop thanks you thank you!!! "I fully expect they will drop price.A price drop at this stage of the PS4s life makes sense for a number of reasons. Sonys line-up ofAn announcement at Sonys PlayStation Experience 2015 event, which occurs on 5 and 6 December, would be too late for a price cut to have its fullest effect. Chances of PS4 Price Cut in 2015. The smart money would be that as long as the PS4 is still selling well globally at 399, Sony wont drop the price.I expect Sony to wait as far into 2015 as they can before they cut the PS 4s price but when they do, theyll go big. Kyle Orland - Sep 21, 2015 3:27 pm UTC."I fully expect they [PlayStation] will drop price," Microsoft Head of Xbox Phil Spencer told IGN recently.It might not seem in Microsofts interest to predict a PS4 price drop, since such a move would likely improve Sonys growing lead in worldwide sales. Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google) 21 May 2015 14:37 User comments (1). Thanks to some sharp eyes over at WholesomeGamer, we now have the rumor that Sony may be preparing to drop the priceThe PS Vita is listed with an ARV of just 89 for the promotion and the PS4 is valued at 349. The 50 price drop is a welcomed discount for the PS4 console, which has long been one of the pricier consoles with a 399.99 price tag.Now, gamers are wondering if the price of a PS4 will drop even lower on Black Friday 2015. Related Games: Star Wars: Battlefront (2015),Star Wars: Battlefront (2014). This week Sony stunned the gaming world with a PS4 price drop. Many gamers and analysts were expecting a slim model at 349 to debut in 2016. "I fully expect they [PlayStation] will drop price," Phil Spencer told IGN.In addition to posting strong sales worldwide, PS4 is also tracking faster than the multi-million selling PS2 in the U.K where it is reported to have outsold Xbox One on a monthly basis since the beginning of 2015.



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