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View All Result.This happens more often for viewers living outside of India as it not always possible to get Indian channels where they live.Online television show viewers have been quite upset as some parts of the audio in the video of their favourite shows get muted often on Youtube. The top 10 most-viewed YouTube videos of all time. 1) Despacito — Luis Fonsi ft.Maroon 5s video for Sugar, the third single off the bands 2014 album V, was inspired in part by the 2005 rom-com Wedding Crashers. Collection of YouTube music video data. Views per day, most viewed in various categories, views per artist, and a lot more.Most viewed videos in the past 24 hours | 2018-03-01 18:30 EDT. Based on the view counter on YouTube. Most popular YouTube videos based on total global views as of February 2018 (in billions) Most viewed YouTube videos of all time 2018.Number of online video viewers in Latin American countries as of December 2014 (in millions). Reasons for watching internet TV/videos in the United Honey Singh rocks.He is a star and in india for singer its hard to achieve this feat. my favoriteReal views come from ppl who search for a video on Youtube n then view itINDICINE : Little correction here kolaveri di is most viewed indian song video of all time and most viewed Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos 2014.

Edit India TV 24 Feb 2017. Besides, the live streaming will also be done on YouTube, reports said companys Facebook page and YouTube channel. All India Bakchod is one of the most popular Indian channels on YouTube, their topic of videos ranges from current happenings to satirical takes on society. Their latest sketch on honest Indian flights have already registered 1 million Youtube hits. And, it reflects in the stats of the video -. It has 508 likes against just 11 dislikes. People usually hate longer advertisements on YouTube.Most-viewed YouTube ads in India in 2014. All Time Most Viewed Indian Songs.You can watch videos forever with AutoPlay and Continuous Playing options. Last but not least, there is an extra feature YouTube still does not have that you can go to a random video by a single click whenever you are undecided.

After you have found the most viewed YouTube videos, click them to play and you will find a Download button appearing on the top right.Top 10 Most-viewed 4K Films in 2014. Common Green Screen Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. Comparing the Best Streaming Media Players. Learn more. Youre viewing YouTube in Russian. You can change this preference below.Life of Common Man in Mumbai Local Train Railway Compilation India 2014 [HD VIDEO] - Продолжительность: 3:41 Imzy All In One 81 387 просмотров. These YouTube videos are known as by most popular Indian YouTube videos ever. So lets discuss with more details according to the position wise.Kar Gayi Chull another video song which comes at 9th position in the list of most viewed YouTube videos in India. The music video has been the first until November 24, 2012, when it was surpassed by Gangnam Style. Its notorious that this video is also the most disliked on YouTube. 3. Taylor Swift Blank Space. Views: 1,218,765,552. Uploaded: November 10, 2014. YouTube India Reveals Its List of Top Trending and Music Videos of 2017.The Spanish song recently broke the world record to become the most watched video on YouTube with over 4.4 billion views. Artist(s). Views. Likes. Published. Have you seen those videos ? No. Then dont worry today I am sharing the list of top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube (as on 3rd May 2008).Now with You Tube India, I feel 10 most watched videos with indian content should be featured. This video was uploaded on Nov 14 2014.How is it possible for a YouTube video to have more likes/dislikes than views? What type of video is most viewed in India on YouTube? All that being said, if you take a look at the top 10 most-watched YouTube videos of all-time, you probably shouldnt be too surprised that theyre all music videos.Taylor Swift Shake it Off 1.26 billion views. A fun and catchy jingle, this song was everywhere during the summer of 2014. Here are, in my opinion, the ten funniest YouTube videos of the year: Most Exercise Ever Prem Aggan Pretentious Movie Review by Kanan and Biswa.Alia Bhatt Genius of the Year by All India Bakchod. From mocking Bollywood to being paid to mock Bollywood, AIB have come a long way. What are the most viewed Indian videos on YouTube?Top 10 Indian YouTube videos of all time - The American Bazaar — 11 May 2014 In India, YouTube is one of the five most visited sites in the country, drawing tens of millions of viewers each and every day. businesses to movie studios use Bollywoods Most Viewed - Top Bollywood songs, Indian Music Videos viewed on YouTube, Watch the most viewed Indian videos on YouTube, most viewed Indian song Also Read Most viewed Indian videos on YouTube. TAGS.10 south Indian actors with most Instagram followers. Bollywood. Superstar movies you wont believe were once banned in India. If youre like most people, your major chunk of the year was spent browsing the internet and falling down that YouTube rabbit hole. For the year 2015, YouTube has compiled some Indian viral videos calculated based on shares, views and comments. This list of most-viewed Vevo videos contains the top 100 videos with the most views of all time, as derived from Vevo charts. View counts are based on the Vevo website all of the music videos play through Vevos partner site, YouTube Tagged with: 2017 List Most Viewed Youtube Video 2017 most viewed youtube video in history Top 10 Top Viewed Youtube. Previous: What happens to your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts when you die. TOP 5 - Most Viewed INDIAN VIDEOS on YOUTUBE. Most viewed video priya. SREESANTH SLAPPED- ( most viewed video in india this month).flv. NEW Top 5 MOST VIEWED Videos ON YOUTUBE 2017! The Most Viewed YouTube Video EVER so far. Most Popular YouTube Videos EVER! YouTube is crazy and with crazy are the views on some videos. This is a list of Most Viewed Bollywood Songs on YouTube. Also, it includes Most Watched Indian Videos On YouTube. Most viewed Indian video and song on India IN. Italy IT.As a further testament to Psys YouTube dominance, two of the 10 — and three of the 30 — most viewed YouTube videos were made by Psy. Checkout Most Popular Subscribed Channel List who are earning too Much from Youtube, this video Provides List of Top 10 youtubers in 2016.Top 10 Youtubers 2016 in India.Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels of 2014 - TopX Ep.22. The most popular or most viewed video on YouTube is PSYs Gangnam style, even it broke the YouTubes views counter when the value of the counter goes beyond 32-bit integer value (2,147,483,647) in 2014. Top 25 Most Viewed Indian/Bollywood Songs on YouTube.TOP 20 English Most Popular Song play in India 2017.Top 5 - Most Watched Indian Video on Youtube | Simbly Chumma - 53. INDIAs No.1 Most viewed Dance video - 85Million Views - Shraey Khanna Bollywood MJ danceshraey khanna.Top 5 Youtube Videos in Hindi From Mr.Growth Channel Top 5 Most Viewed Videos on Youtubemr growth. Party songs, politics, and Chhota Bheem a pretty apt summary of India. Posted on December 10, 2015, 09:20 GMT.1. "Every Bollywood Party Song" by All India Bakchod ft. Irrfan Khan. View this video on YouTube. Поиск видео на - video One of her most popular videos on YouTube is the simple roti making guide which crosses about 2 million views.Geeky Ranjit. He has become one of the richest and most famous Youtuber in India probably because of being a gizmo and certified gadgets freak. Top 10 most viewed and most famous Indian videos on youtube!!! NOTE: May be inappropriate for some users !Kissing Prank India - Spin The Bottle Part 2 | AVRprankTV - Продолжительность: 2:31 AVRprankTV 36 049 266 просмотров. Its Charlie bit my finger - again! which has 293,445,936 views. This post reveals some impressive YouTube stats along with the most viewed YouTube videos of 2013. I added my favorite YouTube video too, do check it!Did you know these mostly viewed ads on YouTube in India? 1. Dove Real Beauty Sketches (Total views 60,735,875). See Also: 18 Best Indian Web Series on YouTube That You Should be Watching Right Now.Barely Speaking with Arnub is a mock-show which represents a one of the most famous new hour hosts of India.View Comments. After the likes of Bing, Yahoo and Facebook, YouTubes Rewind has revealed the most-watched - YouTube Rewind 2014: Sunny Leone and HoneyNot surprisingly, her music video Baby Doll is the most-watched in India this year with around 39,850,121 views. It is followed by Honey Singhs Chaar How much does YouTube pay per 1000 views in India?There are many complicated algorithms are working for count valid clicks, views and traffic source. Keywords: If your video has ranked on high CPC keywords then you will get high earning from youtube. India is also the second most populous country in the world. Diversity in culture, climate, geography, language and ethnicity make India a very unique and incredible place.Thus, we can see many Indian videos on YouTube. Todays collection is all about most viewed Indian videos. Top 20 Most Viewed Indian International Songs On Youtube. Music Styles 9 days ago.most popular video harsh beniwal vines compilation hasley india awesome life. Every one of the 10 most watched videos ads on YouTube in the U.S. for August 2014 generated over 1 million views, with the top ad attracting an incredible 8 million. The most viewed ad, for Madden NFL 15, was uploaded to YouTube on August 15th by EA Sports The video for the song has since garnered over 45 million views on YouTube, and earned Yemi two Headies awards in 2014 for Best Pop Single and Song of the Year.Top 10 Most Watched Viewed Ghanaian Music Videos on Youtube! Most viewed Indian movie trailer on YouTube in the first 24 hours is Raees Official Trailer. It generated 20.2 million views by December 7, 2016.Digital video advertisers landscape india 2017. Top 10 Most Watched Musik Channels di Indonesia. Changes you need to know about Indian Songs which became International hits popular english songs in india TOP 20 English Most Popular Song play in India.Music Styles 4 нд. Top 5 MOST VIEWED Videos on Youtube.

Добавлено: 1 год. There are times people get bored and go to youtube and find some amazing videos or even movies that make up their mood. Some music videos, some comedy shoots, a romantic upload, a bizarre act, a prank, an excellent goal, a classic cricket strike or anything As 2017 comes to an end, it is time to revisit the 10 most-viewed music videos on YouTube in India this year. The video browsing website has released its list of top trending music videos 2017 (India). Badri Ki Dulhania, the title song from the movie Badrinath Ki Dulhania, has topped the chart.



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