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English-Spanish English-French English-Italian English-German English-Dutch English-Russian English-Portuguese English-Polish English-Romanian English-Czech English-Greek English-Turkish English-ChinesePicture description. Discussion in English Only started by mizza95, Jun 6, 2017. Picture description. Maribel Gonzalez. Tips on how to describe pictures successfully.Some Useful Guidelines and Techniques for Picture Description. cristinaca. Describing pictures. A picture description is an ideal way of practising your English vocabulary in all sorts of fields. And theres also a benefit for everyday life imagine you want to show pictures of your family or home to your foreign friends. translation and definition "Picture Description Instruction", English- French Dictionary online.en The heart of any Telidon system was the Picture Description Instruction - the special code that instructed the decoder what to draw on the display screen. The rules for describing yourself in French are similar to how you would do it in English, but there are a few distinctions to be aware of. Using these guidelines you will have a basic structure that you can expand on to provide a more personalized description of yourself. A description of a picture can generate thousands of words.Writing text based on a picture is a valuable and fruitful creative writing exercise.

It can generate ideas for poetry, short stories, or even a novel. How to describe a picture. 2012-12-04 17:30:14. Downvote.Guide to describing a picture especially for oral exams. You will be shown two theme-related pictures (eg types of houses) and youll be asked to describe and compare them and to talk about them in relation to yourself for a short time.Its important to bear in mind that you are not supposed to give a very detailed description of the pictures but to compare Describing pictures in English. 1. Introduction. The photo/picture shows It was taken by/in Its a black-and-white/coloured photo. 2. What is where? In the foreground/background you can see Description of the picture on the English language is an effective exercise to develop skills in writing and speaking, as well as observation. However, any creative work must be interesting, contain a coherent and logical arguments related to elements of the text A picture description is an ideal way of practising your English vocabulary in all sorts of fields. Pictures provide serious language practice and can be invaluable in the classroom for stimulating discussion and bringing enormous variety to lessons. Bob Wilsons. Oral Exam Preparation. Example Descriptions. Ideal practice for First Certificate. at autoenglish.

org.Describing a picture. Descriptions of the pictures: Bogaevsky, Konstantin - Biographical outline. - About Cimmeria.Descriptions of the pictures: Bathsheba. The Last Day of Pompeii. Portrait of Julia Samoylova with Giovannina Pacini and black boy. Comments. Description. Useful tips to learn how to describe a picture in describe a town in French aimed at GCSE level. English Describing People. Describing characters in a story. Start studying French Oral- Picture description. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools.French Oral- Picture description. study. Play. From the photo you can see Expressions to describe the picture in French. You should first describe it as a global scene and then get into the details.Watch this video and check out how we described the picture (see below the the description in French). Surikov uses the contrast of a pale face and dark attire which vividly connects Morozova with other womens images in the canvas. And we can notice quite easily that her face is the sole bright spot in the picture: sombre, strained and astoundingly expressive. Describing a picture in English1) Introduction The photo/picture shows It was taken by/in Its a black-and-white/coloured photo. 2) WhatDescription: Useful tips to learn how to describe a picture in English. Translations for picture description in the PONS Online French » English Dictionary: description, faire une description de qc.French » English P pic picture description. give a brief description of the photos (action, location) say what the pictures have in common say in what way the pictures are different say which of the events presented in the pictures youd prefer explain why. This is a lesson focusing on the picture description element for both Writing Foundation and Speaking part of the exam.This is a resource to use a lesson to get pupils thinking about questions in French. There are some activities to do as a class and in groups and a For example, the phrase jattends (I am waiting) might be remembered by I am waiting until I am old enough to attend school, along with a picture of a baby with a pacifier.Description. Busuu French is a very different app that what youre used to like all other apps, theres a learning component The scene takes place in the street, at school. / during the day, at night, in the evening Place the elements within the picture: in the background, at the bottom, on the right behind in front of there is, there are, we can see and describe them. Composition about my village in french and English. Answer.French. 5 points. Yesterday. Paragraph on the city of paris. French. 5 points. Yesterday. Kids have taken turns adding one detail at the time to the description "Dans la rue il y a" (in the street there are) - French immersion class in description. the act, process, art, or technique of describing or picturing in words.Middle English descripcioun from Old French description from Classical Latin descriptio, a marking out, delineation from past participle of describere: see describe. If this description inspires thoughts of a huge moon and bright stars, or warm sunrays of yellow and orange, then you are getting the picture.Archaic words have a charm that never fades away, from French sounding to wondrously mysterious ones. Read more. Description. Picture in french. French Flag - Best Flag. Width. 1520 pixels.spitz dog pictures picture of an akita yak pictures pictures offish clam pictures with pearl pictures of miniature dotsons. Translation of "picture" in French. See also: motion picture moving picture big picture out of the picture a clear picture overall picture.I just found this old picture. Je viens juste de retrouver cette vieille photo. Click on picture to see enlargement and description. Description of the painting in English is an effective exercise for the development of skills of oral and written speech, as well as observation. However, any creative work should be interesting, contain coherent arguments and logically related items of text Look out for more picture descriptions in my future blogs, including how to compare and contrast two different pictures. In the downloadable Audio Word Study below, you can learn the useful phrases from my description. As the above picture of the French Flag indicates the overall background is Red, white and blue. The description of the French Flag is as follows Читать работу online по теме: Describing a picture in English. ВУЗ: САФУ. Предмет: [НЕСОРТИРОВАННОЕ].Structure and Content. Its not easy to follow a picture description if the writer jumps randomly from one pointto another. Word. OHT with short descriptions and pictures. 3. Hair Eyes Intro.Comprehensive introduction to all vocabulary with practice and extension task. 3. Description of a teacher. Word. If a picture is well composed, the main features stand out so distinctly that one can catch a good general idea of the whole picture at a glance. Further study will reveal additional details but will not change the first general impression. Now a description is a picture in words. Picture description. Guidelines, techniques exam tips. Part one. M CRISTINA C. B. PICTURE DESCRIPTION.IT Shows At the top A picture description is an ideal way of practising your English vocabulary in all sorts of fields. Here are our top tips for describing a photo or a picture in an exam. Do: Look at your picture carefully and take a few moments to think before you start talking. PET RESOURCES How to describe a picture/photo. In the upper left-hand corner. At the top of the photo On (the) top of it [sopra a]In the bottom right-hand corner.

by Maria Grazia Tundo, 2010 1. Phrase List on Picture Description. How to describe pictures in English. Hi everyone! One of the most typical tasks that you may face when doing an oral exam in English is describing a picture.Word List on Picture Description. Information on artist and year of origin. A woman and a man are standing in front of a display stand. We can see red and black plastic cups, gray porcelain dishes, and black porcelain tea sets on it. It looks like a garage sale. National picture of the world is common, stable, recurring in pictures of the world of separate representatives of a people, regardless of their ethnical origin.The description of her opinion of the French has negative connotation she deliberately gives a stereotype picture, thus emphasising that Home > French Blog > French Vocabulary > Description of My House Audio.My French student by Skype John was learning the French home vocabulary from my French audiobook Moi Paris Level 2. For homework, I asked him to describe his house in French to me. EnglishFrench FrenchEnglish.(Definition of paint a picture (of something) from the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary Thesaurus Cambridge University Press). B. DESCRIPTION COMMENTS: explicit implicit. 1. Place the elements within the picture: in the background, at the bottom, on the right behind in front of describe them ( age, look, feelings, jobs if there are people) [ there is, there are, we can see ] The National Gallery (see the picture) Catalogue ascribes it to French School, but it might have been an English painter trained in the French style.Use as guides one of the sample descriptions of pictures. Description Cezannes Classicism Analysis of Large Bathers Pictures of Bathers by Cezanne Meaning of Other Modern French Classical Paintings. In this picture, the character is (Vb)-ing / the characters are (Vb) Impression The characters look as if The viewer has the impression that How to describe a picture. 1st. Focus on the main part of the picture at the beginning.This is a picture of a little girl listening to music with headphones. Useful language: y This picture shows y There is / there are y I can see 2nd . Description. Useful tips to learn how to describe a picture in English.Starter Aim To introduce vocabulary describing where tables are situated in a restaurant. You have two minutes to match up the English and French and say. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at. The pictorial French course, with pictures, descriptions, conversations, and grammar.



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