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hello , my name is kailee and my friend that lives in montana has done a ouija board a couple times before and says it is ok too use one as long as youwiccan chant my mom tought me ( were wiccan as u can see). i lighted the candle and insense than i began to move the planchette in circles to warm 53 Bible Verses about Ouija Board. Leviticus 19:31 ESV / 42 helpful votes.I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.And he burned his son as an offering and used fortune-telling and omens and dealt with mediums and with necromancers. What Youll Need When Using a Ouija Board. thehoodwitch.You should always say a prayer before you play with your board. Something as simple as asking for only those who seek to communicate to come forward and for only good spirits to come through. Virtually everything that is said about Ouija boards as a tool for communicating with the spirit world are utter nonsense.And demons will lie to you any ways thats there job, I dont see any good in using a Ouija board. As far as protection goes, if you are a Wiccan you will want to cast a circle before using the Ouija board, and naturally close it afterwards.It is the familiar experience of not being able to find a regularly used item - say, a set of car keys - which one believes they placed in a spot they routinely "Oh my God," Sean screamed before collapsing on the floor. At this point, Michael interjected, possibly figuring that someone had to be the voice of"Im sorry officer," the thing apparently said as Michael grabbed for the axe, which hed brought into his room after getting spooked by the Ouija board incident. His house was filled with every occultic symbol you could fathom Hanging pentagrams and horoscope signs, a Ouija board and dungeons and dragons game setWith eagerness he pointed to each article with pride. He said, I healed this woman through a Babylonian chant You see this man, I cured him Including messing with an Ouija Board. A friend of mine, (I wont say who) liked witch-craft, and toldAnd my friend pulled out an Ouija board. Telling me, We do other things to help bring out the spiritsAnd my little witch-craft friend pulled out a little booklet, telling me I have to read this chant out loudSo I waited about an hour before getting up from the bed, and opening the door to use the restroom The following real-life experiences shared by Ouija users may make you think twice before you get that board out of your attic.I got a call from my cousin who said that he, his brother, his dad, and his best friend were using an ouija in their basement. Patience is needed when using a Ouija board by yourself. Because your energy isnt combined with any other, it may take 20 to 30 minutes or longer before your energy accumulates enoughPsychics Directory advises you first request the spirits say goodbye, making sure to thank them for their time. I just want to know, does anyone know any prayers or chants I can say before using th ouija board?Never ever use an ouija board! Related Questions. What should u chant before using a ouija board? Chants for an ouija board? What chants do you say for the ouija board? My mother was a board reader and was my teacher in the art of the Ouija.

I still use a board, though I have moved on to using a board called the Psychic Circle , for reasons I will explain later, instead of the standard Parker Brothers board pictured above. Once you become experienced and comfortable with the use of a ouija board, you can use the board by yourself, and you dont need to call for protectionIf with friends who are into witchcraft, you could call to quarters, or to each element or chant or say a mantra of some kind to raise the energy. When you find your board, just say, "its the Ouija board, Gallery One, second one down," or whatever. Thats easy for you, and easy for us.

Should I light candles before using a Ouija Board? We are all for the proper atmosphere. Dress in black too, but remember to observe proper fire Aside from my bad experience in Little Rock I have actually used a Ouija Board in a cemetery before with my good friend Roger and we had a really active response. However, it also seemed like a spirit that was in a real rush to say goodbye and to leave us. According to pencils.com, before starting the game players must chant "Charlie, Charlie, can we play?" twice, and wait to see if the crossed pencil points towards "Yes" or "No".Youve probably heard of using a Ouija board to contact spirits, but I bet you havent heard of using pencils to have your By using the Ouija board and inviting spirits, good or bad, into your home, you are opening yourself up to possession by these spirits. You may speak in tongues, have your head spin around, or even projectile vomit across the room. Two factors are at play when using an Ouija board: A strong subconscious need for an answer to a question and ahello there, Ive had a lot of experience due to ouija/wigi boards People have theyre own opinion, but if you havent done one before dont go saying they aint true its all fake If you say goodbye before the ghost does on a ouija board what happens does it haunt your house?If you do use a Ouija board you should probably get the ghost to get away by making it think you arent interested in the ghost. If you ever use a Ouija board, you should read this page before you start your session-it can help you a lot.Some people even say that laughter attracts spirits! Light a candle or two in front of you. Mainly, youre doing this so that you can see the board, but it can also get you in that creepy mood! Some people consider the Ouija board a fun opportunity to find out information, while others see it as a frightening portal through which demons may enter and possess a person.This is why its best to take precautions if you are going to use the Ouija board. A reader asks, I bought a Ouija board because I want to talk to spirits. My dad says its a tool of the Devil but I think Ill be fine.Karen: I always cleanse the whole room Im using before I get started. I also make sure I cast a circle, so anything bad will stay out of my work area. So I was at a friends house and used a ouija board for the first time and we asked the spirit for its name and it said "Grace" and then we askedThey sell this cleaning solution and say to start with the farthest corners and mop towards the door while saying a chant, and have sage burning in a bowl. Before we used the board, Mary warned us that her mom would be really pissed if she found out that we were playing with it because Ouija boards can attract bad spirits into the home.I understand that people say Ouija boards are controlled by your subconscious but fk that. You can use an Ouija board alone. However, it is very difficult to draw the energy needed when working alone.Things you should know before working the Ouija board. Ouija Boards are not evil nor do they attract the devil.My mom doesnt approve of me using the board but keeps saying Using a Ouija board properly is as much about attaining the proper mind state as it is receiving answers.As we said before, learning to use a Ouija board takes practice and it can be awkward at first. Generally, using a Ouija board is harmless.Ouija Board Rule 3 Always place a silver object upon the Ouija board before playing.Ouija Board Rule 5 When you are done playing, say goodbye. Some Ouija board users choose to say a prayer of protection before using a Ouija board in order to protect themselves from negative energies. An example of a commonly used Ouija board prayer of protection: "I invite those spirits who are only for my highest good. Its said that doing so would mean youd be haunted forever. Instead, if youd like to get rid of the Ouija board entirely, bury it in the ground (some recommend cutting it up into seven pieces before doing so, some dont), andYour fate, from the moment you use a Ouija board, is bound to the other side. Be sure to say Goodbye and get a response before ending the session.Pretty much the Japanese version of a Ouija boards. Im assuming the same rules apply but with the fact that the coin in use MUST be spent within a certain amount of time after the ritual. Related Questions. What should u chant before using a ouija board? What chant can u say for a ouija board? For a new person that has not messed with a ouija board, what would be your rules/guidelines when using one.You could recite some little chant like in the movie, or say something like, Is anyone around who wants to speak? or even New board who dis? A San Francisco supervisor says he consulted a Ouija board before city leaders voted on whether to recommend naming a Navy ship after slain gay rights activist HarveyThe Psychic Circle. Children and Makeshift Ouija Boards. Have You Ever Used A Ouija Board?Chanting and the Ouija Board. We/i do say a chant before starting the board to protect our self its an amazing thing some people believe and some people dont but thats up to urselfs and I think everyone should try it to experience theBut whats to say it cant be used exactly the same as a good old fashioned ouija board? BEST Tina Turner Ouija Board Chant EVER!!! Of all time!!!!!We grabbed some Holy water and sat down and used the Ouija board to communicate with the paranormal spirits and say a I have a terrifying story about an ouija board. I got a call from my cousin who said that he, his brother, his dad, and his best friend were using an ouija in their basement. 1 Ouija Board. 4 black candles.Then light each candle. once this is done, chant the following latest three times while holding your hands over the pointer: In nomine Dei Nosstri Satanas Luciferi excelsi Then as usual, ask questions. Up next. The History of the Ouija Board - Duration: 9:17. Curious World 61,879 views.5 Creepy Things You NEED To Know Before Using a Ouija Board - Duration: 8:47. Top5s 570,168 views. Draw a circle around the board again using your finger or wand. Sprinkle some rosewater over the board, while saying a simple, protective prayer."I easily know more about the Ouija board now than I did before. Im very impressed!" JM. Before the Ouija board, spirit mediums used, among other things, a dial plate talking board, which had a letter indicator joined by a spindle to the center of the board. This rotated to pick different letters. Ouija Board Used as a Kid a Reason for Concern? Possible Demon Attachment?stay away from ouija boards, i done a ouija board and it said the spirits name is robert,the thing isMail (will not be published). NOTE: Please Read Before Commenting. No profanity, foul, abusive, or insulting language. Before you begin, dip a clean cloth into warm water containing a bit of saline and use it to cleanse your Ouija board and planchette. Next, set up and light your candles and incense. Some believe its critical to clear your mind and say a prayer of protection at this stage. Ouija boards are just a tool like say a pendelum or a crystal ball or dowsing rod.How do you correlate the death of your daughter to using a ouija board 9 years earlier? It seems to me that you had it in your head already that the ouija board is "inherently evil" before you even used it, therefore Me and three mates sat in a room with a Ouija board and played the game.We were all thrilled that the board had worked, we had no thought to what the spirit had tried to say to me.We used the same chant again, every thing was the same up to the name. The Charlie Charlie Challenge is a cheaper version of a ouija board that needs just two pencils and a piece of paper. Originating from Mexico, you balance one pencil across the other before chanting "Charlie, Charlie can we play?" Dont get drunk at a party and run to the graveyard down the street with the Ouija board under your arm to see what happens.Quietly ask the spirit to leave and put the board away. Be sure to say Goodbye and get a response before ending the session. The fact that it can be purchased at most stores that sell games makes it all the more dangerous. Since I say I believe in God, why am I so negative about the spirits?Please consider everything you have read above before ever contemplating the notion of using a Ouija Board. Ive used the Ouija board before and trust me it was a creepy experience.Its kind of an idiom, and context is important. So I say "you could read it" to convey that while this isnt an exact translation, this is perhaps how it might be understood.

Ouija board session.Hey guys So um I suggest you dont use a ouija board as you are allowing demonic spirits to enter your life Charlie charlie is safe as long as you do what is at the beginning of the chapter Booh bye bye Booh.



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