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For example a JQL query for the custom order might be ORDER BY Status ("review","backlog","in development"). In this case the statuses would show from top to bottom on the Y axis in this order ("review","backlog","in development"). JQL has the keyword ORDER BY that tells JIRA to sort the results.project pwc AND fixVersion "Current Sprint" AND status open ORDER BY priority, assignee. Lets look at another example examining the incoming bugs for our project. Agile Answers. Keyboard Shortcuts. About JIRA. JIRA Credits. Whats New. JQL has a keyword ORDER BY that tells Jira to19/04/2006 I may have missed this, but I cant find a way to define the order of values for "Status" Im adding new statuses to JIRA in order to match our workflow Your only option in JQL is to order status by DESC or ASC.Hi Nic, as far as version, we are JIRA cloud. I also found out if I press the up-arrow 6-8 times, it registers most of those clicks and moves up 6-8 slots. 9. Jira JQL that returns date of status change. 0. JIRA screen for specific status. 5. JIRA JQL - Find issues with more than X days in Status. 1. Custom sort order of jira workflow statuses in a filter using JQL. 1. Is there a way to view time logged during a status in JIRA? 0. Отчет о тестировании (JQL). Изменения в системе (JQL).

Tags: jira jql.project BOARD AND status in (Backlog, New, Design, Dev, "Sign Off", Blocked) ORDER BY status ASC. I have my board and am stating what statuses it should display and I though it would display it that way when I order it. Querying JIRA (JQL). For a simple query, one that returns issues with no filtering "fields": "summary,priority,customfield10672,resolutiondate,fixVersions,watches,labels", " jql": "project MYPROJ AND resolution unresolved ORDER BY priority DESC, key ASC", "maxResults": 30 In this post, Id like to give some tips on some useful JIRA Query Language ( JQL) queries. By no means exhaustive, they are things Ive come to use and love in Jira.Open AND status ! In Progress ORDER BY priority DESC.

not"],"types":["com.atlassian.jira.issue.status.Status "],"value":"statusCategory","displayName":"statusCategory","auto":"true","searchable":"true"Открытые Запросы","jql":"assignee currentUser() AND resolution Unresolved order by updated DESC","isSystem":true,"sharePermissions" ORDER BY status ASC.project "PROJECTNAME" AND status Resolved AND resolution is EMPTY. Since JIRA tracking is only updating tickets when changing the status I was trying to update the values every 15 minutes with automation, but nothing happens.Careful, dont forget to order the JQL query by updated or created date to have only the oldest !"types":["com.atlassian.jira.issue.search.SearchRequest"],"value":" status","displayName":"status"com.onresolve.jira.groovy.jql .IndexingCustomField"],"value":"favouriteIssues()","displayName"AND resolution Unresolved order by updated DESC","isSystem":true,"sharePermissions" com.onresolve.jira.groovy.jql .IndexingCustomField"],"value":"latestReleasedVersioncom.onresolve.jira.groovy.jql .IndexingCustomField"],"value":"linkedIssuesOfAllRecursiveLimitedAND resolution Unresolved order by updated DESC","isSystem":true,"sharePermissions""types":["com.onresolve.jira.groovy.jql .IndexingCustomField"],"value":"earliestUnreleasedVersionfor"searcher-status">Статусn n n


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