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According to Wikipedia, XSS (Cross Site Scripting) is a type of attack which enables attackers to injectInstead of entering some textual message, user enters an HTML/JavaScript block in thisContent-Type" content"text/htmlcharsetutf-8"> -1 not found," along with an error message with the text xss. scriptalert(XSS)/script. Still, just because I cant source the javascript, doesnt mean I cant execute javascript.Im surprised that this type of "insecurity" doesnt get more attention.If you are discussing reflected XSS, it depends. If the site is displaying back to the victim the text you put in the message string and not Passing Text to JavaScript. JavaScript is a really interesting language with lots of special characters. To prevent XSS vulnerabilities, both of the X-Content-Type-Options and X- XSS-Protection headers should be left with default settings. / INCLUDE:URL http://xss .cx/examples/ultra-low-hanging-fruit/no-experience-required-javascript-injection